Without music, life would be a mistake.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

DJ. Mills @ Diesel/55DSL In-Store event, nyc

Gabriel "Mills" Moises can't imagine life without music. It's become the only vice feasible to get him through his day. the epidemic began in brooklyn, nyc at the age of 8, when his father showed him the grooves on a vinyl record. His father, also known as glmj sounds, has been a disc jockey all of his life. BY age 15, Mills worked as a roadie with his father, learning the dynamics of setting up equipment and the art of being a dj for an array of events. From Weddings to sweet sixteens, Mills achieved the knowledge of a variety of musical genres and the professionalism behind working with people.

IN 2007, Mills gained his first residency at One (now known as bagatelle) of the One group in the meatpacking district, nyc. He held down weekends spinning anything from Top 40, Trap, House, Edm, Rock, hip-hop or a mix thereof, depending on the specific calling of the night. by 2010, Mills initiated work with Diesel/55dsl & Adidas, spinning in-store events from fashion week, Fashion night out and art exhibitions at each location in nyc. In 2015, Mills currently holds residencies at apt 78, Dyckman bar & 200 orchard in nyc. He is also the head art director for apt 78, handling digital flyer/menu based artwork via his graphic design company "Eht. .."